Watch: Pet Deaths release ‘Wind Up Bird’ ahead of new album release

Capturing golden hour dreaming, the kind where you instantly find yourself yearning to lie spine to spine with the wooden floor of your lofted apartment with the windows pushed wide open. There’s a heady haze of night jasmine as London’s Pet Deaths release ‘Wind Up Bird’ into the speckled light particles of your atmosphere.

The first celestial body to be set free from their upcoming debut ‘To the top of the hill and roll…’ it’s easy to forget that this single is indeed all new. So finely familiar in sensory awareness that instantly it connects itself to every crevice of your soul in a raptured delicacy synonymous with only the greatest of folk artists from days gone by. This is however not just a folk record. As much as the duo embrace the bare bone peacefulness that acoustic sound can provide, Pet Deaths also delve into their pocketed gifts of aerial percussions and fluttered vocal energy to create something spine-tingly weaved.

It’s only fitting that this track is to be released on Silver Mind Records as that is indeed the headspace you’ll be in after repeated listens. Staying nestled in your attention for more than just a little while as a luminous rock pool full of earth awakening bird calls and indulgently poetic layering’s, there’s a sole guitar that loops itself in an obsessively hypnotic manner. Calling out for the bass to swoon in and raise the atmosphere to splendid heights of elate, ‘Wind Up Bird’ is just under seven minutes of scoped divine that runs utterly at its own orbited pace. 

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Live Dates:

Saturday 31st August – Rough Trade East, London
Tuesday 3rd September – The Lexington, London
Wednesday 4th September – The Cluny, Newcastle

Header Photo by Andrew G Hobbs