Listen: Piglet Shares Anxious Lo-Fi Track ‘Mill’

Piglet, the project of Irish singer-songwriter Charlie Loane, have marked a fine return on the anxious lo-fi track ‘Mill’. 

Having wowed with EP ‘Alex’s Birthday’ early in 2020 with its murky minimalism and ability to do so much with few components, the project of the former Great Dad frontman really comes into its own on this release. A wider sonic variation seeps into play with the addition of saxophones and flutes that complement the processed drums and distorted bass that graced the debut. A definite breeziness is felt throughout, not least due to Loane’s signature whispered vocal delivery and the offering of tightly-layered harmonies. While the overall sound is mellower than his previous project, the expansion of the sound heard here is definitely reminiscent of Great Dad, toying with equal amounts of dissonance and blissed-out moments.

Thematically, the track ruminates on many of the subjects that have graced the Piglet project before, and grapples with personal anxieties surrounding Loane’s queerness and trans identity. The matter-of-fact-ness in the way the track shows a coming to terms with these worries is beautifully illustrated, and lines such as “nothing feels as certain as a constant evolution and change” show immense power in overcoming these fears. As ‘Mill’ draws to a close, the statement “I’m so grateful I’ll never feel like that again” feels empowered, and is sure to resonate with anyone who may be looking to overcome an inability to accept themselves or their identity.

With a duo of collaborations with DIY heroes Porridge Radio already under the belt for 2021, ‘Mill’ looks to be a further sign of growth and a huge step forward for Piglet in what could be a triumphant year to come.

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can order your copy here or read the digital edition below.