Interview: We chat Pit Parties and more with Fluffer!

Whether its the incredible line ups or the impressive artwork of Russell Taysom, Fluffer will have caught your eye somewhere down the line. Fluffer began as a label and but now most prominently seen as a series of special events. Dissatisfied with the standard set up of a ‘gig’, Fluffer have shaken up the norm, building a stage in the centre of secret venues and allowing the crowd to surround the bands. Aptly named, The Pit Party. In a bid to inject energy into the London gig scene and kick start Punk culture, Fluffer have called on the services of bands such as The Black Lips, The Wytches, Spring King, Japandroids and Pins to help create the chaos. Pit Parties will say goodbye to 2017 with an incredible finale at The Coronet Theatre, Elephant and Castle on Nov 24th. An event which will also be a rock show goodbye to one of London’s most treasured venues. As the event fast approaches, we had a chat to the guys behind it all!

Talk us through how Fluffer came together?

Me and some mates were drinking in the pub and decided we’d start a label and put on nights. ‘Fuck it we thought, can’t be that difficult?’

Fluffer plays a role in the release of music but more recently and more prominently focuses on live shows. Can you explain the shift?

Because it’s taking up all our time to be honest! The live show side of things has just snowballed real quick and we’re working round the clock to make sure it’s as awesome as possible. But we’re not complaining, it’s fucking great. We’re proud to be given the chance to put on these shows and we don’t wanna let anyone down. What started off as a few dumb ass parties has now turned into quite a lot of dumb ass parties and quite a bit bigger too. We’re buzzin.

fluffer 3

Illustrator, Russel Taysom is your go to guy for your artwork, how did that relationship form and what makes him perfect for Fluffer?

Russell is a living legend. We like to work with people who are super chill and Russell is the soundest guy in the world. He turned up to one of my previous bands shows and we got to know each other from then onwards. I think me and him always went hardest into the mosh pits at Fluffer events and bonded over a love of the music.  His artwork epitomises Fluffer now and his attitude is on the same wave length as us. We let him do what he likes and I think he likes that freedom.

Fluffer doesnt just put on any old show, Pit Parties are exciting groups of people all over London, how did the concept come about? What makes a Pit Party better?

It came about from a want to do something different. To offer fans and artists something new. To experiment and try something that might not work and could implode at any time. I also loved it when I played and the crowd would come on stage and surround the band. I always felt they were the most enjoyable gigs. Where the crowd and band were one, with no hierarchy that a stage and barriers create. That’s why pit parties started as floor shows. But then again maybe it was just all on a whim without much thought. You tend to hypotosise these things and logicalise them after the event.

I’m also not going to say pit parties are better or worse than any thing else out there. I have respect for all promoters. But what I can say is that I think they’re unique and that doesn’t just come form the format but also the vibe of the people who come to Fluffer nights and the collective nature.  We’ve been going nearly 5 years now and its like a big family.

Having said that The Black Lips crowd last year was the most rampant crowd I have ever seen. It was insane how crazy everyone went. Bring on the 24th November for round 2!


You’re also responsible for the new band championing ‘Custard Thruster’ nights, are we going to see them again?

Yes. With gusto. So many great new bands coming through.

What can we look forward to in 2018?


You can find tickets to the final Pit Party of the Year here