Listen: Pittsburgh’s feeble little horse Share ‘Tin Man’ and Announce New Album via Saddle Creek

Pittsburgh Noise-Pop quartet, feeble little horse, share the first sweet from upcoming album ‘Girl With Fish’, due 9th June on Saddle Creek.

Starting out from an Adrian Lenker-ish, folk-ish ramble wheeling it’s wagon down a dusty road, feeble little horse’s proclivity for radical sonic adventurism quickly makes itself known. As sharply as a click of fingers, the music gets swallowed whole by the leviathan of pristine fuzz hereby known as shoegaze. Delicate, peony melodies flutter and dart  inside a stomach lined with guitar pedals and the chewed up, acid-soaked pulp of so many worn out My Bloody Valentine records. The world, as they say, is never quite the same again.

Like an FM radio caught between two stations, or a photograph rippling between sepia and polychrome, ‘Tin Man’ bears witness to this almighty fusion of resisting forces, re-moulded into whatever striking, elegant and dream-world specimen this single undoubtedly is.

[Cringe ‘joke’ alert] – “feeble little horse? More like very strong and massive horse!”

Photo by Micah E. Wood

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