Listen: Porridge Radio Return with New Single ‘Back to the Radio’ and Announce New Album

As ‘Back to the Radio’ stands upon an escalator destined for ever-higher realms of candour, Dana Margolin strides up regardless. With a voice tearing at the seams, Porridge Radio detail the crying shames of a near written-off relationship.

As we ascend past flocks of reserved drums, and Georgie Stott’s synths peep through the clouds, ‘Back to the Radio’s vertigo kicks in. It’s these kind of songs, the ones of unadulterated emotion, which fool you into relating even when you have no need to. Porridge Radio have enough sincerity for each and every one of us, and ration it out during the slowest of builds. Margolin and the rest of the band reach peak catharsis during the final refrains, just before surfacing on the other side of the storm in the last moments of the song.

The band have reaped an exemplar indie anthem, ’Back to the Radio’ is a mantra to recall when banishing any form of weight from your shoulders, and will no doubt be seen as a highlight within Porridge Radio’s discography.

Porridge Radio will release new album ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky’ on May 20th via Secretly Canadian. Tickets to their biggest ever UK tour can be found here. On sale Wednesday 10am.

Photo by Matilda Hill-Jenkins

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