Listen: Porridge Radio share ‘Sweet’ from upcoming new album ‘Every bad’

Brighton’s Porridge Radio want you to think they’re ‘charming and sweet’. For arguments sake who are we to disagree with their word-of-mouth but, if this single were on a profile, ‘striking and comes in a pack-of-four you do not wanna ignore’ might well be suggested.

Fascinatingly and compulsively charged like watching flame to the hair of an annoyingly attractive person, ‘Sweet’ is both self-examined wreckage and flat-blastedly soul releasing; resulting in a searing aftermath of satisfied chaos for those of us who like our dramatised outpour to come with un-optional badass.

Gunpowder-y targeted lyricism’s clog the air with an overriding taste of polluted progression which, paired with a universal urgency to clean-up and, lead singer Dana Margolin’s appeal in “learning to have fun”, encourages a total body of banded abyss which put simply… is really damn good.

This is a game of grudge surrendered ambitions and we’re all involved.

Header photo by El Hardwick