Watch: Pottery announce debut album with the emphatic ‘Texas Drums Pt I & II’

If there’s one way to announce the release of your first record, doing so with a six-minute, two-part smash of a single with vigorous and enraptured aplomb is probably the way to do it.

Having whipped everyone into a frenzy whenever they came to the UK over the last year, whether it be in the basement of a Brighton pub or off the side of a pop-up record shop at Green Man – Pottery are now ready to unleash their first album, ‘Welcome To Bobby’s Motel’, on us all – and we should undoubtably be here for it.

Pottery have matured disgracefully from the early potency of their more brazen singles, embracing the more textured and infectious idiosyncrasies of their work – taking their sly grooves and irresistible way with a beat and bringing them to the forefront. The huge ‘Texas Drums Pt I & II’ an early indication of the expansive conviction they’re clasping at, a blast of percussive ingenuity enveloped by a colossal psychedelic breakdown.

This is not to say they’ve lost any of that riotous vibrancy they’ve always unearthed – the track is riotously exuberant, as the track descends once again into an exasperated final call of “Won’t you play those fucking drums for me”, the exhilaration is palpable – that irreplaceable feeling when you get lost in the rhythm, close your eyes and just let it take you wherever it wants.