Listen: Pottery sweat it out with ‘Hot Heater’

It’s sweltering, the air-con’s broken, the Nevada air sticks like velcro, prickly and fastening. Yet you’re moving like your life depends on it, the physical motion electric to the skin, every pore burning with adrenaline. This is ‘Hot Heater’, the tangibly uncompromising new single from Pottery.

‘Bobby’s Motel’ is quickly proving itself to be a standout record even before release. ‘Hot Heater’ sizzles with the same audacious percussive energy as ‘Texas Drums’, once again eliciting the group’s penchant for seamlessly mixing timbres and ensuring you’re not even on the edge of your seat – you’re up and moving uncontrollably.

Austin froths like a man possessed, abstract in his laconic approach but all the sharper for it. There’s no real semblance of narrative here – it’s all about the feeling of the music, the words simply attempting to personify the palpable heat they are crafting into something even more captivating, as if they are chanting in dedication to that pure feeling of creativity.

Yet it’s of course their unspoken, unified interactivity as a group that allows them to truly thrive – surging and boisterous one moment, leering and perfectly poised the next – how can something so raw and loose also sound so wonderfully meticulous?

That’s the intelligence of Pottery.

Header Photo by Luke Orlando

Pottery are on the cover of the new issue of So Young – it’s out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.