Watch: Pozi unveil their new EP with lead single ‘Whitewashing’

London’s Pozi manage to create Devo-inspired delight with only the slightest echo of nightmare with their new lead single ‘Whitewashing’.

If you’ve not yet let Pozi into your life then really, what are you doing with yourself. A totally hectic cluster of a trio, essentially what we’re dealing with here is post-punk without the guitars. Yes, it’s very confusing for about two minutes and thirty-eight seconds, but give it a little bit of attention and suddenly, you’ll realise it’s been days and you’ve forgotten what the point of having six strings is anyway.

‘Whitewashing’ is like a GCSE music presentation, in which you’re in a group with all your pals and have spent the last term experimenting with rhythmic chopping, gossip and that random violin found in the back of the supply cupboard. 

If a little bit thuddy, there’s certainly something comfortingly of its own here and that’s what grabs the overall observational distinction. 

Pozi’s ‘176’ EP will be released 8th May via PRAH Recordings.