Listen: Madonnatron give us the video to new track ‘Tron’

Within press generated music scenes, there’s always a desire to ascribe a certain kind of magic to a group of bands, to give their very existence a kind of mysticism. The so-called “South London scene” is just that, and if one of those Brixton Windmill-frequenting bands were to possess a kind of otherworldly, quasi-spiritual power that transcends humanity itself, it would be Madonnatron. As the “witch-prog” group prime themselves to release the album of the year, their self titled debut out later this month, they unveil the video to the gloaming miasma of the song ‘Tron’.

Unless the stomping barrage that is first single ‘Headless Children’, ‘Tron’ seems to have a kind of brittle subtlety to it. It’s haunting melodies seeming apparate straight from the twighlight zone into the ears of the listener; of course it has the gnostic intensity with which Madonnatron have become synonymous with. Underneath the chaos is pretty childlike, twinkling melodies and bewitched vocal harmonies entwine in a way that sounds like the group is combining the sum of its power to hex and curse wrongdoers.

The video, available here to watch for the first time, featuring a myriad of sinister, vampiric images as Madonnatron strut through a visual actualisation of the malign otherworld which they’ve created for themselves. A great, subsuming song that demonstrates that this band are a powerful force to be reckoned with.