Listen: SAP – Feel It


To most, the word ‘sap” means to gradually weaken something to the point where it erodes away. In biological terms, it’s something that circulates in a plant. If you type the word into Urban Dictionary, its definition reads as “socially awkward penguin” amongst others. However, the band SAP, derives from the expression, “Simple Ass People”, although they should really give themselves more credit than that.

Their latest single, ‘Feel It’, is 3 minutes and 13 seconds of high octane, proliferating energy that touches upon the notion that these guys don’t pull any punches. “In here, we all make it real, ya feel?” spits the band’s lank, sophisticated talisman, Angus McGuinness, wielding a mastery of dynamics that touches upon the hazy to the very nihilistic. Essentially, it’s noise. Very well-organised noise at that. Combining beautifully dirty riffs with the frenetic drumming of Shane Keaney, SAP clearly have a studied approach to music, cleaning up the palate of their fuzz/scuzz contemporaries and dressing it with an air of achingly cool, stylish presentation.

B-side “Paint Me Red All Over” is an extension of ‘Feel It’, pummelling the senses, with just one line being snarled at the end – “you’re a sinner”. Less of a deprecating remark and more like a rallying cry, SAP’s intentions seem to be pure; unite the degenerates and have a fuck load of fun.

Check out where you can next catch SAP here.