Preview: The Great Escape 2015

Brighton is ready for its take over, this weekend sees the return of The Great Escape. This year is a special one as the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary and we can’t wait to feast our ears upon some of the most exciting acts from the year so far and the ones which will shape 2016. This is our guide to the festival and our pick of the bands to watch.

We begin our trip by thanking Neon Waltz for travelling from the furthest point in the UK to grace us with their hypnotic Scottish indie folk. We at So Young believe this band has the brightest of futures and you should catch them early whilst you can at Brighthelm, 15.30pm.

The Magic Gang are the home-grown bright lights of the festival, The Brighton based group bring their slacker (although is the result of hard work) rock to the Green Door Store for a show that promises mayhem! And if one band promises getting carried away with inevitable house parties it’s this one. Be at the Green Door Store as Dr. Martens present The Magic Gang at 21.15pm.

Potentially the noisiest duo you’ll come across this weekend, SLAVES will play a handful of shows but begin their Brighton punk domination at Coalition, 21.00pm. The band have been touring the length and breadth of the UK this month and they’re coming to Brighton to share their tales of Debbie, a sasquatch and Mantarays. You can also find the band at the Corn Exchange on Saturday at 19.30pm.

The group on everyone’s lips at the moment is The Big Moon. The London four piece have had everyone talking with demo, ‘Eureka Moment’ and the news of the first proper release, ‘Sucker’ has cemented that there is more to come. The band have been warming up for The Great Escape touring with YAK and it’s safe to say they’ll be ready to show us what’s what when they hit the coast. The Big Moon play The Haunt at 22.15pm.

Tobias Jesso Jr, the singer songwriter, talk of the town/world,  brings his Lennon infused record of tear jerkers to the Dome Studio Theatre at 22.15pm. How could you (babe) miss this one?  The in demand Canadian is sure to pull in the masses so get down early!

More to watch: Pop strangers (The Hub, 15.30pm), Beach Baby (Coalition, 19.30pm), Life (Green Door Store, 19.00pm), The Garden (The Haunt, 19.15), PALACE (The Arch, 20.00pm), Bully (The Haunt, 20.15pm).

Saturday, the big one, the blowout, begins with Bad Breeding. One of the most intense live shows I’ve ever attended was by these noise conjurers. The band step straight off of blue-collar sites and onto the stage to vent their anger. Those standing in the inevitable first few rows, prepare for a stare off as he learns you of his struggle. 18.00pm The Corn Exchange.

YAK. YAK YAK YAK. If you haven’t seen this band live yet then now is your time! The necessary crossover between psych and rock and roll has been found  in this electric three piece. It’s dark, it’s unpredictable and it’s essential that you are at The Haunt at 19.15pm.

Demob Happy are Saturday’s band of home comers. Fresh from releasing their debut EP ‘Young and Numb’, the ferocious punks will push you from front to back if they have it their way and we recommend that they do. Catch them at the Jack Daniels stage at Patterns (downstairs), 19.30pm.

Back to the Corn exchange and it’s 8.15pm. It’s time for the biggest indie turn around of the year. Swim Deep have gone from swirly dream pop to owning a new sound, combining indie dreams with psychedelic dance grooves! New tracks such as ‘To My Brother’ have shaken up what we all expected for the Birmingham boys and we recommend you all go and see how it translates live. We expect a dance. That’s the Corn Exchange at 8.15pm.

More to watch: Girl Band (Corn Exchange, 18.45pm), Kagoule (Patterns Upstairs, 21.30) Slaves (Corn Exchange, 19.30).