Watch: PRIESTGATE share the endearing ‘Now’

‘Now’ – the new single from Yorkshire group PRIESTGATE – is an endearing moment of human admittance.

Surrounded in a euphoric openness, while full of exuberance and serene texture, the group shape their evidently considered sound into pop reverie – full of nativity and imperfections and providing something captivating in equal measure.

Balancing the omnipresent nature of its narrative with a nostalgic desire in sound, ‘Now’ possesses an undulating sense of hope, but it isn’t arrogant and know-all – they empathetically open up to their constant desire for growth and learning in a time of egotistical posturing.

Where their contemporaries may dwell in the sombreness of their sentiment, PRIESTGATE capture its buoyancy and express it with vigour – vocalist Rob Schofield pounding across the track with undeniable relief – a winsome delivery that thrives in it’s hymnal release. It’s a refreshing scene – one that purges itself through veracity and embraces those around it.

An enchanting introduction to a group that will seemingly pour in everything with unified compassion.

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