Listen: Public Body reveal new single ‘Naughty On My Bike’

The bicycle. Resourceful, mindful, economic. Public Body certainly think so, ‘Naughty On My Bike’ an audible tribute to the workman’s form of transport.

What Public Body do so great is seamlessly amalgamate the laconic and the comprehensive – their short perturbed snaps of perception intrinsic and intelligently inconspicuous, like a good James Acaster concept show where utter surrealism somehow finds its clarity-inducing climax, undeniably hilarious in the convoluted way it’s got there but somehow enlightening none the less.

While the band perhaps prefer more of a straight-talking, dead-pan approach, the way in which the overall picture reveals itself is so deafeningly apt in it’s simplicity, it cannot be ignored. Determined to slag off the undeniable lack of haste that walking and taking public transport allows us, Boris’ favourite form of good PR is given its deserved praise – yet we need to loosen the focus and look at the bigger picture. This is just subtle derision of our constantly rushed lives, we won’t blame ourselves for our own inadequacies so happily feel vexed against what we deem to be out of our control. The saying a bad workmen always blames his tools really doesn’t get used often enough.

Another straight-talking piec from one of Brighton’s most brilliantly down to earth.