Watch: Pynch share new single ‘Somebody Else’

If you haven’t spent your months writing fictional agendas and turning wistful diary-entries into a full-time creative hobby, then good for you.

Constructively realistic with their latest single ‘Somebody Else’, Pynch ramble lists of candid ‘what-not-to-do’s’, hypothetical holidays and exploratory careers; filling up endless sheets of cigarette-stained emphasis and dragged drone, all in the name of craving a routine and taste of mundane… whilst actively staying in bed and sticking to the universe’s plan of get smart, do nothing, progress.

They pass their time vicariously truthing through fictionalised existentialisms and in doing so provide an evening class education in how not to cheat yourself and still maintain both ears on the Pynch-pragmatic bigger picture. Here, ‘sad keyboard music’ acts as a signal for instrumental introspection – a lo-fi cue to ‘shake this feeling’ after all, as getting paid and moving to Japan is realistically relative when everything else around you is pretty fucking strange.

Comfortingly headstrong in its real-world sensibilities- getting woke to stay alert in a scene of ‘living like somebody else’, there’s something locomotive in ‘Somebody Else’’s shitty VHS sprawl and McDonald’s fuzz.

Channelling Beach Fossils turned electro-sleek in one great riff of indie splendour with a bottom layer of gently-fed insecurities; like slicing crumbling delight into equally accessible morsels, and simultaneously observing how, when left to its own devices, the layer-padded middle caves into its own serving of experimental independence- inaccessible to anyone outside of the immediate rim.

“I just wanna feel something real” Pynch say as they chuck a microwave on a beach and call it a day; “Can’t live your life, for anyone else”.

Header Photo by Holly Whitaker

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