Watch: Qlowski share the brooding ‘Ikea Youth’

These punks aren’t like the other kids haunting London’s Shacklewell Arms.

Everyone looks better in black and white but in our filtered world of ‘daily hate’, Qlowski are calling for change as they release the video for their latest single Ikea Youth, via Maple Death Records. 

Like downing a litre of water and waiting for it to solve all of life’s issues, as far as our flat-pack impulsive generation go Ikea Youth provides melodically urgent yet internally durable satisfaction, amidst societally relentless and biting greed for whatever seconds our confidence can gorge on out of nothing. 

Switched on to defiantly switch off and do their own thing anyway, the alternative cold-cuts Qlowski offer here are fully resourceful and aren’t likely to expire anytime soon.  

Qlowski are presenting a release show for the single at Shacklewell Arms this Wednesday, Feb 26th.