Listen: Rainn Byrns shares single ‘No Fault of Mine’

With heart on sleeve, Rainn Byrns releases ‘No Fault of Mine’ via Permanent Creeps Records.

‘No Fault Of Mine’ is a track made for personal pep-talks. “Staring in the eyes of a guy” in paint-chipped, floor-length mirrors of daylight seeping hallways; put on your finest “pearls and a red gown”, check your pockets for change and off into the big wide world we skip for this is an adventure into reality not to be left inside.

If the brief breath of a bicycle perched to descend liberated down a green grassy hill (whilst the smell of daisies fill the air and the breeze picks up in your white linen shirt etc etc) were to have a sound… it would be just this. Meditatively mediating as a ‘processing mechanism’ for the unveiling of his drag alter-ego Lana Del Rainn, you would not believe this is this Londoner via Texas’ debut.

Preciously like the formative years between childhood insecurities and total ‘well-shit-here-we-are-now” acceptance, there’s a healthy charm of vulnerability to Rainn Byrnes songwriting that curls up around the edges of the empowered.

Totally wholesome, “it’s a pretty chill song really” – the dude himself.