Listen: Real Farmer Release New Single ‘The Straightest Line’ via Strap Originals

If you’ve already failed Dry Jan and are making promises to “try again in Feb”, then Real Farmer list the many reasons why a healthy lifestyle may not be as grand of an idea as you think it is.

Following the four-piece’s last release, ‘Inner City’, the band showcase another single which proves they are far from predictable. With themes of substance and alcohol abuse throughout, this latest single ‘The Straightest Line’ plays on the idea of nothing ever really being that straightforward and how hard it is to truly stay clean. Arriving on 8th March, the debut album ‘Compare What’s There’, of which this single is a part of, already promises infectious pieces that are far from contained.

Maintaining their role in the vital music scene of Groningen, one of the most youthful and unruly cities in Europe, the band have naturally conformed to the DIY, charitable attitude that the place is renowned for. Nothing is disciplined and we hope this continues as more tracks are released.

Speaking on the single, “It’s about walking the straightest line, which means to lead a clean life: to work out, eat healthy, stay away from drugs and alcohol. Often this way of living is seen as the one size fits all solution to any type of mental struggle, yet its rigidity can become a very debilitating and alienating thing.”

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