Watch: Red Diesel shares video for ‘Feelitooelectricboogaloo’

When James Brown penned his ‘Boogaloo’, things in life were pretty black, white and flared all over. As the world grew accustomed to the concept of jerky-knee-wiggling, fast forward a few decades of rhythm and a whole heap of blues, and we’re back to the business of embracing the Funk, to beat our funk. 

There’s something charmingly crafty about cycling through the streets of Lewisham on a makeshift horse. With the wind in your helmet-hair and the vast expanse of a pandemic in your wake – small clusters of masked people breathe in the trails of guided-contemplation as Red Diesel, (aka Glenn Rawcliffe) and his ‘Feelitooelectricboogaloo’ saunter fantastically, across the airwaves. 

Chock-full of methodical goodness, ‘Feelitooelectricboogaloo’ is that dubiously hearty middle-ground between having an existential breakdown, and contemplating over Pagan Magic. Distinctively DIY and Boogaloo all over – Hen Ogledd meets mystic-mundanity meets a heady crisis and we’ve all found ourselves strewn the dancefloor of a multi-instrumentalists desires.

Of the track Red Diesel says: “At the time when I was coming up with ideas for the video, me and my housemate Simon were reading a lot about magic, both in a historical context and a spiritual one.”  

Whilst in practise, it’s not entirely unearthly to see isolation as a means to get really clued up on magic and build yourself a Monty Python style pantomime horse, Red Diesel’s spiritual ‘Flank Rider’ is undoubtedly a timely lesson in comedic grounding and an alluring aid to tackling the world outside. 

As fellow ‘Nu-Funkstar’ Stephen Bruner himself put it: ‘It Is What It Is’ and what Red Diesel is, is pretty damn delightful. ‘Feelitooelectricboogaloo’ is as comforting as a faux-fur jacket adorned in a splattering of angel-cake coloured pastoral and definitely a special kind of ‘Funny Thing’.

Photo by Hattie Hambridge