Review: Our Girl – Stranger Today

Our Girl – Stranger Today

Out 17/08/18 via Cannibal Hymns

‘Stranger Today’ is the debut record from Brighton born trio Our Girl. Droning guitars with soft ethereal vocals from Soph Nathan are the signature on the album, cementing Our Girl’s inimitable noise. Britpop sensibilities and melancholic grunge fuse together for a nostalgic atmosphere felt in every aspect of the record.

Our Girl bring something special with ‘Stranger Today’, in its unconventionality in unusual song structures where the unexpected lurks around every corner. ‘Being Around’ twists and turns at any moment, keeping you on your toes in an unpredictable fuzz.

The unpredictability of ‘Stranger Today’ is felt within the record’s two moods, in the delicacies and intricacies of the softer sides as on ‘Josephine’, and the thundering fuzz in the other half most eminent on ‘Two Life’. Both dispositions are linked through complex interludes that find their home on most of the bridges on the album, and ‘Level’ feels like the nexus for the two sides of the band’s wide-ranging sonic catalogue.

From the nerdy love ode of ‘I Really Like It’ (I like living in your world / You never know the time) to the darkest and gloomiest sides on ‘I Wish It Was Sunday’ (which is arguably the album’s most interesting track), to the whirring and thumping of certified ear worm single ‘In My Head’, Our Girl explore all possibilities on ‘Stranger Today’, while still remaining well and truly authentic.