Listen: Bristol Duo Robbie & Mona Share New Single ‘Queen Celine’

Bristol glitch-pop duo Robbie & Mona unveil ‘Queen Celine’- their latest single released via Spinny Nights.

Nightmarishly twitching like the red-eye aftermath of a spiritual seizure brought on by an overdose of ‘Daisies’ and manic synth-séances, Robbie & Mona are the harnessed embodiment of un-armoured expectations. ‘Queen Celine’ is a psyche absorbing full-body-suit, crafted out of dissociative chainmail and a will to survive the toughest of existential winters.

Commanding a sensory coup in a crowning of its own meticulous abruption, ‘Queen Celine’ reigns un-tameable as the shiftiest of them all. Born out of an “amalgamation of loads of electronic things breaking”, she’s an exceptional face in a lost crowd of polka-dotted ‘Chytilova’ stills and narratively anarchic soundscapes; destined for grayscale freak-out’s and doomed theatrics.

Wrecking influence as a manifestation of interpersonal surrealism, Robbie & Mona’s ‘Queen Celine’ is a hallucinogenic ‘Hedge of Thorns’ cultivated expertly out of the age-old cinematheque of haphazard programming and zealous Maleficence.

A minute thirty is all it takes to stand the test of timelessness.

The new issue of So Young is out now. Its sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.