Watch: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever announce new album with ‘She’s There’

The second single off of their forthcoming sophomore record Sideways To New Italy, here’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever trailing through Melbourne’s landscape to re-build their sense of totem with ‘She’s There’.

Don’t look back but keep travelling with sentiment, facing the in-betweens of a life on the road and the drive to keep going despite knowing what’s left behind, ‘She’s There’ is a hooked, visual-disorient for homesick explorers trying to make sense of living the dream whilst doing just that. 

Kicking up orange-bedded dust of disillusioned undercurrent, the group surf through relatable alienation and signature, tidal arrangements to capture “a dream where you need to be somewhere, and you don’t really know why, but you are determined to overcome every obstacle to get there.” 

Like feeling flightless in a wave full of birds learning to soar, incorporating directors eye from previous collaborator Nick McKinlay (the dude who brings balmy beaut to all your current Aussie favourites) exemplifies the influence of banding together with those closest to overcome doubt. Nobody does ambition like this bunch, all it takes is sunshine , some break through running and a man gazing at his reflection in a puddle for everything to begin find its place once again.

 It wouldn’t be a RBCF video without some sort of montage of four men standing in line playing guitar… luckily that’s there too. 

Header Photo by Peter Ryle

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