Watch: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever share ‘Cars In Space’

Proving once again that all you’ve gotta do in life are the things you do best, Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever release the video for latest single ‘Cars In Space’ via SubPop Records.

If you’ve never stuck printouts of director Nick Mckinlay’s photography on your off-white walls, blissed-out totally to ‘Hope Downs’ in your pants with an ice-lolly melting down one hand (hypothetical vibe) then firstly, why? and lastly, you’re kinda halfway there conceptually with this video. 

Like the impulse to lick a sheeny Pantone paint swatch we’ve all had at least once in our lives, ‘Cars In Space’ is just under five-minutes’ worth of aesthetically delicious rectangles coming together drivingly to create the ultimate, moving capture of an Aussie dream-team to be reckoned with. 


Acting as “the swirling words and thoughts before a breakup”- having a coupled-existential time crisis whilst pastel tinted hooks-of- haze noodle their way around our ears like a really well marbled staircase, this is quite honestly everything we would ever need, want, or expect from five babes dad-dancing in white t shirts and ankle grazers. There is nothing more to say.

In a bid to keepin’ it real, when in doubt chuck in an extreme close-up of a dude finger clicking to Wes Anderson level awkwardness- you can’t ever go wrong.

Header photo by Pooneh Ghana