Listen: Rosehip Teahouse share ‘Regretting It’ via Sad Club Records

Things aren’t quite back to normal are they? Park escapades can only quench our thirst for human interaction momentarily and there is still a long road to understanding this new reality. How many big *sighs* have escaped your body this week? Like a gnawing of the innards. Waking up to forget the dream from which you emerged, and a proper weird one at that, though the context erased, the niggle remains…

Fortunately the personification of sweet bedroom pop, Rosehip Teahouse, is just the tonic. They grace the internet with gorgeous heartfelt dialogue and a radiating warmth that echoes the woes and heartache of coy and reclusive humans. Grown from the solo project of Faye Rogers to the five-piece they are today, the band play with themes of joy, sorrow and everything in between.

This track maintains an illusion of solitude in its simplicity and errs on the side of innocence, Rogers voice the starring role, not to mention a set of very enjoyable ‘claps and whoops’ part way through that invite a spurt of fun to lessen the gravity. The transparency with which ‘Regret’ presents itself is captivating in its vulnerability and is an example of beautiful and heartfelt pop.

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