Watch: Rosie Alena shares stunning debut single ‘Mixed Messages’

Rosie Alena’s debut single, ‘Mixed Messages’, is an engrossing introduction to an arresting and evidently direct individual. 

Bathing in a clear sea of wallowing strings and tempered percussion, the minimalism on display allows Alena to be at the forefront – pouring her thoughts – whether collected or scrambled like cryptic memos – into the heart of the song, bold and unafraid.

An open insight into finding moment of clarity, Alena blocks out the hustle and bustle of the city with luscious, tender instrumentation as she attempts to find peace and perception within the chaos. The song is heartfelt and yearning – Alena asking “Feel my pain, develop it and post it to me” – asking for a sense of understanding that sometimes not even we can find.

Alena states:

“‘Mixed Messages’ imitates a feeling of solitude in the extremely hectic city of London; a moment to myself trying to make sense of my thoughts and forgetting the outside world for a moment. The song comes to an end with what feels like a euphoric sense of freedom, but you can make of it what you wish.”

Header photo by Holly Whitaker