Listen: Saint Jude releases ‘Walk With U’ via Slow Dance Records

Sometimes it takes artists longer to create an impact. And it is through this crucial waiting time, quietly absorbing their sonic and social surroundings that they are able to nurture a strong identity and vision. Such is the case with Jude Woodhead.

Toying with various projects in the London scene – even performing in Slow Dances’s second ever party all the way back in 2015 – Woodhead has been waiting for that right sound to capture his vision. Finally landing on the tight moniker of Saint Jude, the project grew into a satisfyingly slinky fix where trippy house beats and delicate synths were free to collide. 

Out today, via Slow Dance, ‘Walk With U’ is a slow building jam that wouldn’t tire from multiple listens. Dream like and beautiful, the song is crafted using soft synths, dainty percussion and lullaby vocals, while the melody taps into unearthed emotions and moods. It is the sound of the after hours party, accompanying you on that melancholic walk home. 

Keep your ears open for Saint Jude’s debut EP dropping in September. It’s sure to bring all the sonic feels.