Listen: Saint Jude Shares ‘Altitude’ and Announces New EP via Slow Dance

“Referencing days ‘spent inside’ and being tormented by a ‘violent moon’”, London’s Saint Jude is a dreamily spoken spectacle amongst backdrops of expansive turbulence and ‘Altitude’, the latest release ahead of his sophomore EP ‘Bodies Of Water’ (out 16th of April, via Slow Dance and tmwrk), is an oscillating exemplar of how to gradually makeshift confidence, whilst the world outside is no-less than a communally crumbled fantasy.

Despite being written pre-pandemic, ‘Altitude’ is a rhythmic alignment with the unnatural flow of lockdown and isolated phases. Flowing with relative un-restraint in washed-out shades of tidal abstract – the stylistic breaking-point where the sky meets lucid genre in a haze of endless possibilities, Saint Jude is the subliminal fine-line between liquid horizons, lucid grounding, and ruminatively lo-fi perspective.

 There are very few artists who enchant with as much simplicity as Saint Jude. Pink Moon’s thrive in yearly renewal and quarterly crisis but ‘Altitude’, is a celestial spectacle above the rest. 

‘Bodies of Water’ EP is out 16.04.21. Pre order your copy here.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.