Listen: Sapphire Blues share isolating new single ‘119’

We’ve all become perhaps too familiar with the very settings we find ourselves in.

Isolation ferments like a weed – at times unnoticeable, but once overwhelming its difficult to control.¬†With new single ‘119’, Bristol trio Sapphire Blues show such lacerations – developing their sound from angsty political diatribes into deep-seated, sombre expression.

Losing themselves within the restlessness that brews in the darkness – the track battles with extreme swings in mood, diverging from spritely, subtle-new wave melodrama into a rasping, incisive exhibition of the loss of the mind. It’s done with irrational brevity, cleverly personifying the increasing anxiousness within the tangible, more familiar space that seems to be closing in on them.

Sam Jones’ voice scrapes against the figurative mirrors, kept company only by the voices of those close that are being exposed and emotionally drained by the same situation. It’s as if they expressing a collective loss of control – an empathetic sense of finality that’s uncompromising it’s definitiveness.

Such feeling is only embossed by the constant shift in tone the band take – a ride on the edge of your seat that struggles within its very self. Unnerved and exposed – it’s a bare and astute single, one that unquestionably wear its wounds.

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