Listen: Savage Gary and youngblackmale share ‘Cigarettes pt.2’ as part of Speedy Wunderground Quarantine Series

The world has become a lonely ruckus. As infiltrated white-noise aims to fill cracks in time in which communicative crossfire seeks to break walls, now is not the time to remain silent and yet we must give space to those who fight to speak out. We’re here for conversation.  

Speedy Wunderground have long been purveyors of voices. ‘Taking On Time’ and presenting something endlessly refreshing, their recent Quarantine Series has seen producer Dan Carey – AKA Savage Gary – reuniting with some of the label’s heritage lyrical waxer’s in a series of digital lockdown mixes. With the group effort spanning from Warmduscher’s Clams Baker, to Goat Girl’s ‘Mushy P’ and Josh Baxter of PVA, their latest instalment Cigarettes pt.2 (series no.17), spans an intricately reflected mix of intensity; with scattered synths akin to primitive era Orbital, via our rage-reasoned current climate.  

‘Cigarettes pt.2’ is a poetically connective void in which serotonin stretched industrialism breaks, beats, and nestles into their own, in a bid to offer a physical grounding for newcomer youngblackmale’s declaration of nihilistic independence. In this, police-fear, alcoholism and drug abuse are actively dropped into the epicentre of electronic existence. Here is an encouraged mind-expansion in which man and machine run side by side in a bid to maintain a “newfound lust for life” and seek escapism from our warped world views. 

“At the end of my tunnel” he calls. “I’m screaming I won’t die tonight”. 

It doesn’t take long to invest in ‘Cigarettes pt.2’. Buried deep within the collaborative confides of creativity, some aliases seek to shadow the human behind the individual but Savage Gary finds stars and creates an intimately welcoming universe.  


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