Listen: Shame Return with Triumphant New Single ‘This Side of the Sun’.

Hot off the back of their widely acclaimed sophomore album ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, Shame share their brand new single: ‘This Side Of The Sun’. 

Self-assurance. It’s a concept. One which we all crave, but few have confidently mastered. Be it intentional or otherwise, sticking to your guns and doing your own thing- crafting, sharing, and collaborating out of your own creative interests and not those of others (whilst acknowledging the expectations of any followers you might’ve picked up along the way), is a life-long lesson in self-determination that we could all benefit from.

Which leads to the question: If finding your voice is a blessing, why do we question or at times, dismiss those who keep their creativity-ball rolling linearly?

In reality there probably isn’t an actual answer. However for arguments sake, when searching for someone, or rather someone’s, who’ve found their niche and rolled with it continuously, a good place to start might well be London’s Shame. 

Granted, Shame are not the first band ever to suss out their ‘signature-sound’, nor are they alone in their chosen field, however what the quintet have mastered, is a knack for raucously-anthemic distinctiveness which at this stage in their careers, is a no-brainer-advantage to all parties involved. 

Short, acerbic, and all-in-all perfectly synonymous, Shame’s latest offering: ‘This Side Of The Sun’ (self-described as “the first live recording [we’ve] ever done”), doesn’t offer much alternative in the grand schemes of the band, yet it does wholeheartedly do the job its set out to do; the task at hand being guaranteed satisfaction, to fans of their past, present, and perhaps even future endeavours.

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