Watch: Silkarmour create a powerful sense of dread with debut ‘Nervous Energy’

As days turn to weeks in this pre-apocalyptic limbo of inactivity, an awakened Silkarmour debut Nervous Energy.

A track shedding the feeling of being summoned against your will through an assemblage of synths and echoing chimes – it evokes a powerful sense of dread. 

Nervous Energy hangs in the balance of evil through blistering gothic undertones, the accompanying video evoking stoic symbolism of metallic rings, seen flashing throughout. Leaving viewers poised on a knife edge, Silkarmour are overseen in a gloomy hunt for rabbits over Cromlech Boulders, tainting the surrounding nature with eerie, medieval visual overlays diluted in both darkness and day, protruding the hillside with limited direction and focus. 

Invoking borderline mechanical obscurity through such a display, Nervous Energy funnels influences of darkened mythology that are bound to hinder your every thought throughout on a strikingly formidable debut. In short, a must-watch that is worthy of many a replay to fully comprehend.

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