Listen: Skinner Shares New Track ‘The Slump’

Skinner’s newest venture stays true to the moody yet summery sound we heard on his 2021 EP, ‘Gunge’. ‘The Slump’, sees Skinner throw his voice into a relatable release of exasperation. Through his lackadaisical vocal delivery, he maintains a nonchalant coolness that translates perfectly through the single’s accompanying DIY video.

The first single Skinner has released via Faction Records, ‘The Slump’ is marked by Skinner, 24-year-old Aaron Corcoran, as a record that sets out to contradict in every sense. What it is to be in a “slump”. The track squeezes “something fun” that you can dance to, out of the idea of nothingness, and those “periods where every day feels like a slap in the face”.

‘The Slump’ opens with skewed notes before diving straight into driving vocals and a bouncing percussion. The track continues into its angular guitar and bass-heavy chorus, providing a sturdy foundation for Skinner’s short and snappy repetition of its’ overarching call, “I’m in the slump.”

With high energy repetition, ‘The Slump’ is tireless and oozes a fun spirit from the first note. The single is paired with a video directed by Conor Beegan and Skinner himself, and is an obscure one-man show in front of a green screen; managing to match the charm of the single itself.

Closing in the wake of a glorious sax solo​​—a familiar feature from his previous tracks— ‘The Slump’ acts as a kind of palate cleanser, in its interruption of the steady repetition. Hitting its target of being fun and energising, Skinner has crafted a single that could undoubtedly pull you out a “slump”.

Photo by Niamh Barry

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