Listen: Skydaddy & Tyler Cryde Share Single ‘Tear Gas’

Skydaddy (Rachid Fakhre) welcomes us into the new year through a reworked version of ‘Tear Gas’ joined by Tyler Cryde (Black Country, New Road).

Tear Gas is the latest track from Farkhre’s upcoming EP ‘Pilot’. It details a past relationship that turned sour and all of the emotions that come along with toxicity are heightened by the pair’s sombre vocal harmonies and decorated by a plucky guitar, a weeping violin and a sombre flute from Felicity Latham. This is Tyler Hyde’s first release outside of Black Country, New Road and she delivers a sweet whimsical vocal performance that perfectly compliments Farkhre’s vocals- making ‘Tear Gas’ a definite tearjerker. The single is accompanied by a witty cinematic music video which is as beautiful as it is depressing, and only slightly unsettling.

Speaking on the track, Fakhre says “A song that had existed for a few years about a past ill-fated relationship. When hosting a radio show I had asked people to submit covers and reworkings of lesser-known songs, it was quite a surprise to receive a version of ‘Tear Gas’ from Tyler Hyde. She’d taken the original and reworked it into a much more sombre solo guitar piece. On occasion, we would perform the song live together. This became an increasingly regular moment during Skydaddy shows. Gradually, through these performances, it coalesced into the version on the EP.”

Photo by Humothy

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