Sleep Eaters release single ‘Life of Sin’ via PNKSLM

Sleep Eaters release their latest single ‘Life of Sin’ in anticipation of their forthcoming EP debut ‘Holy Days’ (August 9th, PNKSLM records) and holy smokes it’s all-fired and possessive. 

A true rarity for a band still roaming the relative dawn of their artistic venture, the five piece have become London’s Wild Bunch chronicler chiefs of richly golden macabre. God, we all crave to be a part of their horse opera for the senses but, if their tales are to be believed, it could lead to our demise. It would however be worth it just for another indulgence from a sunset burnt lapsteel of lingered dreams; drooling speckled forebode over layer upon layer of doomed wooze it mirages wistful hope in a wilderness of chorded jitters. 

Both unchartered and yet undeniable in aesthetic familiar, ‘Life of Sin’ rolls at a drummed soul freeing pace of perilously twanged ache. Lead-vocalist, Will brings narrative flesh to the collective structure but you could easily seek refuge for days uninterrupted inside this instrumentally captivated haunt. Addictively lustrous-  put this on loop and ride for miles and miles of red desert sand.