Listen: Sleep Eaters share new single ‘In This Town’

In This Town there’s no freedom to roam.

In response, London’s Sleep Eaters howl like hollow-eyed spirits of strung-up anarchy.

Prowling purposefully, in search for some comfort and to unwind within these circumstantial four walls, the furnishings of this Moonlight Motel are shrouded in a weighted duster of macabre-matted rock n roll. 

Like staring into an oil stained crystal ball, waiting for your reflected future to dance rings of dead-eye fury right back at you, this is a twisted fairy-tale of murky expectation and personal disconnect. Let it be known, that the boy who never grew up has become a flighted ghost – a lone-ranger, who doesn’t dare leave his sanctity In This Town for fear of what lies ahead. 

There’s no rest for the present, we’re all still stuck in this town. Trapped inside our skeletal railings like a high-gate, built to self-guard and guard from one’s self, we’re looking for something we can’t find and the question remains what’s missing. For Sleep Eaters, crafting something structurally unified in an era of solitude was a calling past the point of desire.

There’s a lot of unknown to be had but assured, this group refuses to be burnt-out.

Header Photo by Dan Kendall

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