Listen: Slow Fiction Release New Single ‘January’ from Upcoming EP ‘Crush’

New York quintet, Slow Fiction, share their third and closing track of the upcoming EP ‘Crush’.  ‘January’ aims to highlight an “intimate snapshot of a life and a commentary on human nature”.

What comes to mind when you think of January? The post-New Year blues, the back-to-work dread or maybe even the start of a month-long sober streak? Well, for Slow Fiction their interpretation of this Marmite kind of month seeks excitement for fresh starts alongside the anxiety of leaving the past behind through bold lyrics and shy motifs.

‘January’ motivates a battle between one’s honest feelings, which ultimately causes the truth to just come blurting out. A sunny uplift shines through the track’s sparkling guitars and glossy vocals, that encapsulate the relief of finally getting something off your chest and telling somebody how you really see them.

Speaking on the track, Julia Vassallo explains, The reckoning, I guess. Looking back and forward at the same time. Knowing that you just experienced something difficult, and you aren’t out of the woods quite yet, but you can be eventually. Accepting that you’ve been the antagonist in your life at certain points. Anäis Nin said, “A kiss can destroy a philosophy.” 

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Photo by Miles Wilson

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