Interview: So Young Artist Series #8: Chrissie Hynde

In the eighth edition of our Artist Series, we’re delighted to collaborate with Chrissie Hynde.

Having been waylaid by touring in a rock band for 40 years, Chrissie is now focused on painting. We particularly love her monogram works, one of which we’ve used for our collaboration. “I did a few monograms and this one was of my close friend Ingrid Newkirk. She started, and still is the head of PETA.”

We caught up with Chrissie ahead of the launch of our collaborative t-shirt to talk art, lockdown and her favourite new band, who she discovered at a Julian Assange protest.

What’s your earliest memory of Art?

I can only remember drawing on sheets of paper with the girl next door on their garage floor, pictures of horses. We were about 6 years of age. I don’t remember any art particularly, my mother had some wire sculpture wall hangings in the house when I was little. Signs of the zodiac.

How do you go about starting a piece of work?

I buy a pre-stretched canvas and use oil paint. I don’t often have a plan, I just start painting.

Tell us about a typical working day in your studio…

Sometimes I start painting just after I wake up. My studio is a room in my flat. Or any time really. I live alone so have no distractions. Sometimes I’ll get on a roll and do 2 in a day. Sometimes I start one late in the day. Once I start I don’t stop till I’m done. Although once in a while, the next morning I might see something that’s bothering me and go back to it. I’ve learned to do that.

Whose work do you admire and why?

Vincent Van Gogh. I love his paintings. I’m not all that up on artists. I don’t really understand installations very well, but I loved a light installation I saw at the Mass Moca museum in Massachusetts. It was like walking into an acid trip. I understood that one. I need to start going to galleries and museums. I got waylaid by touring in a rock band for 40 years. Now I’m more focused on painting.

How did lockdown affect your creativity?

I just kept painting. It changed the way I do music though as I started doing it over the phone with my guitar player. That was a new approach which opened possibilities… I enjoyed that.

What role does music play in your painting? Or do you see them as completely separate parts of your life?

I paint in silence and it’s very solitary. It’s a meditation I guess. Music is different as I work with people and in front of an audience.

Who’s your favourite new band?

A London punk band called WE ARE One. I only saw them once at a Julian Assange protest. North London band.

What are you working on currently and what can we expect to see from you in the near future?

I’m writing songs for a new album. And painting. Painting is my main gig now.

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