Listen: Sol Croft shares ‘What an Artist Dies in Me’ / ‘Any Fool’s White Flag’

For the small amount of output we’ve been gifted by Sol Croft, the songwriter’s music has already emerged as a treasure chest of poignant sentiment and spirited vulnerability.

Whether accompanied or in solitude, Sol’s earthy bellow courses and breaks the deafening silence that it explores. Amidst the swaying rhythm and emotive violin of ‘What an Artist Dies In Me’ – Croft is passionate, his delivery unkempt yet considered as the track waltzes in a familiarly somber mood.

Yet it is its fellow number – the isolated and raw ‘Any Fool’s White Flag’ – where Croft burns the brightest. Coaxed only by muted, course blues, Croft is bare and visceral – the stark atmosphere perfectly suiting his open approach as he sings poetically of close ones and of being in the moment.

A startling introduction, Sol Croft has arrived with immediate substance.