Listen: Sons of Ivaldi Share Debut Single ‘Where My Babe Goes’

A new project from Sam Goater (Ugly) and Halden Cook, Sons of Ivaldi place themselves as some sort of Electro-Elder Scrolls Alt-pop, alchemised in a Rivendell mountain gorge. Sending folk music into lightspeed, the duo are on a heaven-sent quest to discover the last genre of music, in a galaxy far far away.

Like an episode of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, ‘Where my Babe Goes’ starts from a place of eerie normalcy before screwballing into a glitched-out technophobia. Digesting a Jockstrap-esque mix of the old-world fantasy and robust futurism, it’s Tyrannosaurus Rex meets Skrillex, 8-bit dwarf fights pixel-troll. Blasting itself into strange and unheralded lands, Sons of Ivaldi bit-crush, auto-tune, and square-wave themselves into warped, radical adventure.

While sonically resembling little of Sam Goater’s work with Ugly, ‘Where my Babe Goes’ nonetheless bears his artistic stamp of his exploratory songwriting maneuvers; nomadic structures, driven by the vagaries of the winds, ending usually at a hefty distance from whence it began.

The New issue of So Young is out now Ft. Just Mustard, Viagra Boys, Horsegirl, Fat Dog, Opus Kink and more. Grab your print copy here or read the digital edition below.