Listen: London’s Sorority Share New Single ‘Love Is The Drug’

Sorority, the brotherly production duo of Max and Elliott Batten release their single ‘Love Is The Drug’ via Full Power Records.

“Space-Jam” is where it’s at and Sorority, are a great big dimple in the crater of our tightly-packed stratosphere. Strutting around in a universal sized co-ord of ‘Peter Max v Wrangler’ distinction, ‘Love Is the Drug’ bares a caterpillar’s grin; beckoning the weary soul in for a bite to eat, and a Dale Chihuly glass of freshly squeezed perspective. 

Sit yourself down for a minute or three and inhale a breath of Avant-air. Love is the drug and the trip down idiosyncratic lane, where the grass is green and the taste for debauchery lies somewhere between Noel Fielding’s ‘Lysergic Casserole’ and a trout in a top-hat. A venture well worth the investment when done in the company of Sorority. 

A heavenly match of slinky funk and down-right goodness, where romance is one heart’s vice, ‘Love Is the Drug’ is Sorority’s fanciful strength. Stuff is hard, and life might not all be ‘Blue Jeans and Moonbeams’ but it’s not completely and utterly shit either. 

The new issue of So Young is out now. Its sold out in print but you can read the digital edition below.