Listen: Sorry Announce Second Album and Share ‘Let The Lights On’

When it comes to legacy, few have mastered dazed-candidness quite as perfectly as Sorry.

Thriving and surviving in conceptual parallels, Sorry’s world is a taunted playground of self-awareness, excess and breakthrough escapism. Painstakingly direct, the group’s latest single: ‘Let The Lights On’ is a contemporary masterclass in melancholic breakthrough.

Narratively rugged yet rhythmically lucid, ‘Let The Lights On’ is a one-stop-ride towards a yearned state of mind; a metamorphic soundscape where hapless protagonists busy themselves “getting caught in the middle” of a carousel spinning towards disillusion, love, and existential electronica.

With more disjointed high-rise than a metropolis-no-man’s-land, this truly is Sorry at their best. We’re all afraid of the dark, but this is an all-round spectacle in itself, and a really fucking good one at that. If ‘Let The Lights On’ is to be an anthemic safe-space for the reckless, reprobate’d, and lovelorn, then we’re in good hands with Sorry.

‘Let The Lights On’ is released from the upcoming second album ‘Anywhere But Here’. Out via Domino, you can pre order the album now ahead of its October 7th release.

Photo by Iris Luz

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