Watch: Sorry further tease their debut album with ‘More’

With their debut album ‘925’ creeping closer and closer towards finally being released – Sorry have finally announced its due date for 27th March 2020.

That’s not stopping the band from ever so sneakily teasing us with it by sharing another take in the garish chug of ‘More’.

A fragile and provoked vision of indulgence and a desperate need for focus, ‘More’ possesses their trademark antagonism and low-slung minimalism with a sense of gritted vulnerability – a broad, cynical impression of greed and human emptiness that Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen are becoming more and more clever at evoking.

Soliciting the extremes of excess and desire in laconic, deft lyricism – Lorenz baulks and chastises with unwavering gluttony – the stark narrative at once demanding and in need of empathy as they seamlessly veer from self-obsessed obnoxiousness to draining, inordinate self-torment.

It intelligently invests itself within the increasingly evident notion that the lack of attention we possess as a society and generation is leaving us void of happiness and contentment – as we continue to stretch ourselves to the utmost severity to try and fill that void.

‘925’, Sorry’s debut album is released 27 March via Domino.

Header Photo by Sam Hiscox