Listen: Sorry Share New Single ‘There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved’

In their signature odd-pop style, Sorry have inverted the features of a stereotypical love song in ‘There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved’. Creating a track that is achingly sad, but rife with humour and wit.

Instead of focusing on the dizzying first haze of love, or its dramatic collapse, Sorry look at the limbo of being out of love; still a little hung up on the past, but not yet caught up in something new. The track explores the lack of direction that is found in this suspended state – creating a world of aimless wandering individuals, stranded without the beacon of love to guide them.

Fusing classic and clichéd musical tropes, Sorry have produced a sound rife with modernity, but saturated with nostalgia. The claustrophobic, playful tone of their ‘Twixtustwain’ EP meets the slower aspects of their astounding debut ‘925’ in the track. The resultant sound is vulnerable, yet humorous, with offbeat melodies and a fusion of influences emerging across the track.

Sorry’s Asha Lorenz has described the track as “supposed to be a bit of a sad-funny love song! When we’re out of love we can feel detached and think ‘oh we’ll never be in love again’… it’s easy to laugh or think you’ll never be THAT person then the next moment you can feel like the loneliest person in the world.”

The imagery of the lyrics, which is mirrored in the accompanying video, demonstrates the ridiculousness of the ways in which these directionless individuals navigate the world. As Lorenz sings of people “standing like lampposts waiting for the train”, there’s an absurdity to how lost these individuals are without love to validate them. The visuals are eclectic, and jarring, yet charming, and coherent. It is a track ridiculing the farcical nature in which a lack of love can direct your life, just as much as an abundance.

Photo by Peter Eason Daniels

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