Review: South Coast Trio Mystic Peach, Release Their Debut EP ‘M?’ Via Honeymooner Records.

It’s to no surprise that the last couple of years have taken their toll on us all. When everything’s been flipped upside down and it’s getting increasingly harder to work out which way the wind is blowing, there’s no denying that art is a force that constructively embodies all of life’s parallels; a breath of fresh air that encourages escapism and a little bit of soul-searching along the way too.

For Mystic Peach, ‘M?’ – an intentionally indefinable symbol of fluidity and mystique, is as much a demonstration of promise by a group at the beginning of their careers, as it was an outlet for centralized chaos stimulated by the groups own, self-disruptive rabbit holes.

Split into four fundamental stages of a psychological breakdown, ‘M?’ Is an outcry and response to our present age of self-destruction. Be it obsession (‘She’s So Neat’), delusion (‘Demon Sway’), denial (‘It’s Not Their Future), or, the suicidal tendencies laid bare in closing number ‘Float’, Mystic Peach fearlessly uncover it all in a Shoegaze-y safe-space of truth, carcophony, and perpetual conscioussness. 

Direct, compassionate, and masterfully narrative, in no time at all ‘M?’ pays tribute to every turmotous hurdle it sets out to overcome and Mystic Peach, are a key voice for a new generation of creative-catharsis seekers.

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