Listen: South London Experimental Hip-Hop Collective Nukuluk Share New Single ‘Covered in Gold’

South London Experimental Hip-Hop Collective NUKULUK Share New Single ‘Covered in Gold’.

Production, animation, performance, video direction – just what is outside the realms of Nukuluk’s fearless creative comprehension? Featuring members of Blue Bendy and Legss in their formidable arsenal, as well as a double-barrelled rap shotgun of Monika and Syd, Nukuluk are as full of ferocity as they are of unfathomable vision.

Tapping into that time-honored tale of the moral speciousness of riches, wealth and fame – they’re right. It is “stinky” – “Covered in Gold” blasts out one ruthless and dynamic hip-hop heist.

Splicing the frenetic digi-pop of SOPHIE with Wu-Lu’s razor-sharp edges, Nukuluk here are staggering, confident and cut-throat. Carrying in their spirit the raging heart of an ox and the blistering beat of a pack of lions, Nukuluk know only how to measure their swagger by the megaton. And while they’ve been steadily making themselves home in the lower (way cooler btw) echelons of festival bills across Europe and UK, the sheer polish and power of ‘Covered in Gold’ shows that Nukuluk are setting their stall on summiting the highest of the highest peaks.

Photo by Will Reid

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