Listen: Speedboat Share New Single ‘Sadie Grey’

Speedboat’s latest single ‘Sadie Grey’, glamorously spins itself right into your local New-Wave discotheque. There, Brighton brothers Johnny and Will Griffiths will indulge all ye olde Top Of the Pops fantasies; pin-up posters in glossy magazines, guest-lists for all the trendy clubs, and hoards of teens hunting coveted autographs.

Effecting a post-brexit love saga of bureaucratic, trans-european frustrations –  ‘Sadie Grey’s’ irrepressible catchiness, buoys itself along like some long-lost treasure by the Teardrop Explodes. This one, long, intoxication of verse-chorus motion- those nostalgic textures of phased-out bass and dinky keyboard bloops, all marbles together to form one timeless, bittersweet, and endlessly replayable experience. 

The first sighter of Speedboat’s sophomore EP ‘Better Men’, set for a June release on 0800-Moshi-Moshi, ‘Sadie Grey’ neatly packages the gentle sense of subversion, hallmarking their career thus far. At first glance, you see these quiffed purveyors of affable old-school debonaire, and all it implies. You take in the vaseline-smudged lighting, the intimate camera-gaze; absorb that 10cc-esque, ‘M.O.R’ croon which makes your heart-strings unfathomably crumble. And then, intrigued, you poke beneath this waxy surface, just a little, and reveal a music which perpetuates some of the wittiest, sharpest pop around.

Watch this space.

Photo by Ryan Cleave

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