Listen: Speedy Wunderground introduce The Lounge Society with ‘Generation Game’

Speedy Wunderground are at it again folks. Having spent their last thirty three releases uncovering some of the most anticipated acts in the country, the thirty fourth in the series is another treasure trove of a find – ‘Generation Game’, the debut single of the brazen, vitalising The Lounge Society.

Simmering away in the North Yorkshire markets and pubs of Hebden Bridge, The Lounge Society are four lads that craft expansive, politicised music that belies their age (who gives a shit about that) and provides a rasping, powerful narrative that feels pertinent in these anxious, uncertain times.

The band don’t dress up their notions in frivolity, embracing a more laconic, impudent perception that feels more blatant and valuable. Baulking at the media and the ignorance of those better off,  they bitingly intone “it’s all a bit tense isn’t it” with scornful distaste. While everything’s going down the shitter, the higher class sit on their thrones and spit on those “less worthy”, turning a blind eye to the suffering – an obvious topic, but one that The Lounge Society poignantly balance with caustic audaciousness and fallible defeat – “they’ll take your lungs and sell them to rich folk”.

It’s backed up by a lively and assured sound, embracing a slowly tempering association of atmospheric meddling and sprawling distortion, revelling in the forceful potency they create in waves.