Watch: Spoort share new single ‘Self’ via House Anxiety / Marathon Artists

Spoort have released their new single ‘Self’ and it’s exactly the right amount of do-good indie we need right now. 

Literally glistening in its own anthemic vibrancy of sleeveless obsession and hook upon hook upon hook, Self is an all-round mood enhancer for any time of day or lockdown. Like the kinda sheer lip-gloss that oozes youth-fuelled delight with purple-speckled glitter and eighties nostalgia, this stuff’s addictive and refuses to budge. 

As a heads up, reality may not be frolicking as it initially seems, acting as “a warning against objectivity and a calling to understand where we are in the universe before we ever attempt to do anything in it”. Before anyone’s even had the chance to finish the first chorus, Spoort bring and gift perspective to our granted daily routines; the restlessness of circumstance and unity in always dancing forward.

Turn on, tune in, drop out – then go wild because we’re all living our maximum Ferris Buellers Day Off lives and might as well get a song and dance out of it.

Spoort’s Self-Titled Debut EP is out May 29 via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists.

Header Photo by Omar Khaleel