Watch: Sports Team get nostalgic with new single ‘Going Soft’

Water is wet, and Sports Team are back with another huge tune.

Dropping last night, Sports Team’s new track is made for the mate admirably attached to limited edition CD’s and your dad’s favourite indie bands. Harnessing the energy of traditional brit-pop, a romanticisation of the past is channeled throughout. Sonically, ‘Going Soft’ poises itself against the impact that old indie bands may have had on Sports Team, signalling the pure resurgence that inspired them. Taking into account the bellowing and somewhat catchy chorus, it almost feels like the track is dampened by its own relatively noncoherent lyrics, which only really makes sense when bragging about only listening to old bands and praying the wear and tear on your favourite CD will withhold for one more play. 

Dazzling with a pair of colluding, whining guitars to fit amongst Alex Rice’s bestowing, borderline chaotic vocals; it’s safe to say that everything is lining up nicely for Sports Team’s debut album later this year. 

Collecting old footage, Sports Team have dug through the archives to unearth gems from the band’s linear playing career so far, patching together a video full of mosh and backstage sneak-peaks to accompany the single. The video is made by So Young fave, Cameron JL West. 

Sports Team’s debut album ‘Deep Down Happy’ is released on 19th June via Island Records.

Sports Team feature in Issue Twenty-Five of So Young, which is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.