Listen: Sports Team release ‘Fishing’ and announce their biggest headline yet

It’s impossible not to love Sports team. As the love child of Brit Pop and early 2000s indie, their sound straddles the two genres adroitly, combing heavy and urgent guitar work with melodies that are sunny and incessantly catchy. Their growing success is down to this very fact – they fulfil the sonic cravings of both the indie connoisseur and the pop anthem addict.

Their new track, ‘Fishing’ dropped today, is Sports Team at their most satisfying. Energising guitar work and pummelling drums kick the song into action from the very first bar, complimenting Alex Rice’s sharp lyrics that are packed with his trademark sardonic wit. Touching on the daily struggles of life (losing touch with friends, money worries) it seems to look hardship in face, while it’s uplifting melodies reinstate a positive mindset, as if to say, don’t worry mate, it will all turn out alright. Complete with an anthemic chorus – it’s no surprise this one is already a live favourite – as well as a post-punk bridge , the track is a whirlwind of fun that encourages fans to listen again and again. If this one is anything to go by then that 2020 album we’ve been promised is gonna be a good’un.

If you love what you hear, or if you’re already a seasoned Sports Team fan, make sure to check them out during their upcoming UK tour. It is their longest stretch of dates yet, culminating in a big headline gig at 02 Kentish Town forum.

We catch up with frontman, Alex Rice in Issue Twenty-Two which you can find here in print or read online below.

Header Photo by Lauren Maccabee